True VIP Status

The RelaxableVIP NFT collection was designed to give back to our early supporters. Each NFT gives holders a true VIP status by allowing them to have unlimited access to web3 products and services. Relaxing content, VIP group, access to future events. If it is a web3 product or service connected to, our VIP holders will have lifetime access to it. 

Extremely RARE.

Only 1,000 RelaxableVIP NFTs will ever be created. This means that very few people will be able to claim a VIP status in the web3 community.

Collector Status

Every single NFT in the collection has its own unique traits. The logo, background, base plate, and VIP plate each have different designs broken down into the following categories: Common, rare, super-rare, and legendary. This means that every NFT is ranked from 1-1,000, and collectors will be able to increase the rarity of their collection by trading them on the open market. 

How to Mint

Minting is currently live on Minting is 0.035 ETH per NFT, and is available on a first come, first served basis. Only rules in place for the minting process: Maximum of 25 NFTs per wallet. 

Web3 users interested in minting a RelaxableVIP NFT can follow the link below. Once you reach the minting page, simply connect your web3 wallet and follow the steps on the minting page. 

  • 01

    Access Minting Page

  • 02

    Connect your ETH Wallet

  • 03

    Click Mint

  • 04

    Find out what you minted!


Phase 01

January 2023

RelaxableVIP NFT minting process begins.

Web3 users can mint their RelaxableVIP NFT on

Phase 02

Q1 2023

First use case.

NFT holders will be able to access the web3 platform and have full access to the entire library of relaxing videos, music, meditations, and stories.

Phase 03

Q3 2023

Integrations to flagship product. plans to extend web3 integrations to their flagship product: The mobile app currently in app stores. NFT holders will be able to access the mobile app by logging in with a web3 wallet.

Phase 04

Q4 2023

NFT events and conferences. plans to attend multiple NFT conferences to showcase their VIP NFT collection and real world use case.

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